Scientific Equipments

The OFFICINA ELETTROTECNICA DI TENNO  (O.E.T.) since 1949 works in the field of the scientific equipments.
     Born to manufacture and sell medical devices and supplies, from the first half of the 50's is working in the research field, particularly for X-Ray diffractometry. In that periode began the production of X-Ray generators and diffraction cameras, by introducing in this market some relevant new tools, as for example the " Gandolfi Camera ", which allows to obtain "powder type" patterns from very small crystals (down to 30 microns), and is now well known in all the diffractometry laboratories of the world.
     At the present our Firm works principally for the small-series production of X-Ray cameras, and for the development of hi-tech accessories for X-Ray Diffraction, most often on customer's request. The considerable experience in many fields of the laboratory research constitutes a solid know-how basis for testing and prototyping new solutions in many applications where specific abilities in fine mechanics, electronics, robotics, automation, data acquisition are required.